"Welcome to the Sandbox"

did you know:

1. the milky way, our galaxy, has about 400 billion stars and many of them are like are own sun
2. our milky way measures 120,000 light years in diameter
3. our galaxy is a spiral and not an elliptical or dwarf or other
4. there are 300 to 500 billion galaxies like ours in the universe
5. we can detect the universe stretching out 13.8 billion light years in all directions from our own milky way
6. mathematically we know the universe is at least 47B light years in all directions, that is a minimum but, probably much larger
7. there are more than a septillion stars in what we can detect in the universe, that is 1 followed by 24 zeros
8. our closest star to us, besides our own sun, is 4.22 light years away, proximal centauri
9. using our current technology and saturn and jupiter for gravitational slingshots to attain velocity of 38,000miles/hr, it would take 76,000 years to get there or 2500 human generations.
10. we live in a galaxy we cant travel out of and there are 300+B more of them,.. we certainly are not alone, everyone is stranded like we are, on their own planets.